Investment Philosophy/Equity & Fixed Income Selection

We believe in the merits of a balanced portfolio of high-grade common stocks and fixed income securities. Through the appropriate mix of portfolio assets among equities, bonds and money market instruments, we look to increase capital in real terms during favorable market conditions and attempt to preserve principal in down markets.

Our Fixed Income investment process is based on active bond management, normally seeking consistent total returns in the intermediate maturity markets through balanced attention to current income and capital gains. We generally select U.S. Treasury and high quality municipal or corporate bonds.

Equity selection is based on the principal that superior stock selection provides the most reliable opportunity for generating excess returns. Our investment process strives to anticipate and identify changes in longer-term economic and financial trends that may provide investment opportunities and then looks to select those sectors of the economy and companies that appear most promising. We seek long-term organic and dividend growth. Individual company analysis focuses on continuing organic revenue growth, increasing earnings, cash flow, and underlying asset worth.

Technical analysis is employed to monitor individual equity holdings and observe changes in the overall market. It also helps us to identify new potential investments and flag current holdings that may warrant further scrutiny.

To supplement our internal research, we routinely utilize outside experts, consultants, and other sources of company and economic data.


See Bolter & Company, LLC. Client Relationship Summary and Form ADV Part 2A for additional information